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Hanno Rink - painter, architect, illustrator 


Hanno Rink lives and works in Berlin, where he came from France in 2015 and brings his painter's views from Paris, Frankfurt and Munich. Rink's work as a painter, book illustrator, graphic artist, author, is gathered in many parts of the world in the private as well as in the business sector. Rink studied architecture and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, where he also taught painting and graphic design. He received numerous awards such as the Premio Grafico de Bologna, the gold medal of the Art Directors Club and won many design competitions. In the 2000s, he created designs for traffic calming and realized striking art in construction in several Bavarian cities - such as a ´fountain of democracy´. Ideas for this are still pending in Berlin.

His image ideas reflect his engagement with current political events, as well as his engagement with social events such as the “traffic-free Sunday”, the oil crisis in 1973, or the refugee movement in 2015. He often takes an ironic stand and leads the viewer from her practiced look, she even shocked explicitly, especially by painting ´pictures over pictures´, that is, making painting itself an unusual subject (Robert Gernhard, 1994/5). He lets the viewer recognize himself, invites you to think, to question, as well as to enjoy a new look through unusual encounters of different events in one picture, by playing with quotes from other painters or various unusual painting styles in a single blackboard.

Hanno Rink painter 2020
  • In 2002 to 2004 Hanno Rink was living in Paris, and 2013 to 2015 he working again in Paris and Berlin. Since 2015 he runs his own studio in Berlin.

  • Awards: Premio Grafico di Bologna, for the best educational book in the Book Fair of Bologna (1980) see list of nominees on wikipedia, The Bologna Children's Book Fair or La fiera del libro per ragazzi is the leading professional fair for children's books in the world (link); Art Directors Club Award, gold medal for the magazine illustration of the year (1973); First price in Sculpture competition “Die Gründer des Unternehmens Mercedes, Karl Daimler and Karl Benz” (1971); and numerous other competitions and awards.

  • Book author, painter and illustrator. Co-author and paintings of the book "Himmelszeit und Schneckenhaus", together with Rita Mühlbauer (1979); it shows living fantasies and real houses worldwide, architecture without architects

  • Founder and Art director of the design team Team 86, Munich (1992 to 1998). Inter alia Art on construction for cities and municipalities, e.g. the democracy fountain.

  • Editor and designer in the heyday of the Titanic (1982 -84) and illustrator for Tumult (until 2004). In the book industry, he is an internationally renowned designer and illustrator of book-covers for most of the publishers with German language. He is also designer and co-editor of famous “Otto books” (a million book editions).

  • Exhibitions on Realistic and factual painting e.g. in Munich, Berlin, Bremen,Rosenheim, Bad Nauheim, Bologna, London, Frankfurt am Main and Kronberg im Taunus Baden (Switzerland).

  • Pieces sold in private and corporate collections in Paris, Lyon, Lausanne, Stockholm, Klosters, London, Rosenheim, Munich, Bremen, Frankfurt, and Berlin. Paintings and promotion design for companies like SAP in London; software for measuring technology B & S Munich; the construction company BoB Berlin. Digital illustrations for consulting company 4Sing GmbH, Foresight to Strategy for Security and Sustainability in Governance, Hamburg.

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